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The Jetsons’ solution to traffic gridlock

January 22, 2009

Why get stuck in traffic when you can just fly away?  Terrafugia, a company started by a group of MIT students, aims to nudge transportation closer to something seem on the Jetsons with an introduction of a hybrid automobile/airplane.  The Transition as it is called, can fly 500 miles on a tank of unleaded regular gas and its wings can fold up for you to drive it on land.  Each Transition sells for $194,000 and Terrafugia has accepted over 40 deposits (Note to rappers or other celebrities: You might want to reconsider your deposits your next Bentley or Lamborghini, this might be the next “it” thing).  I just wonder how the FAA is going to manage all the air traffic if these things become popular.  Imagine a million Transitions flying over the skies of Los Angeles or trying to crowd through buildings in New York.

Here is the original article found on Discovery News.

Here is a video simulation of how the Transition is going to work.


January 21, 2009

Trust is an issue that seems to be straightforward.  We put our trust in our loved ones, friends, government, people we do business with, and all facets of life.  With our trust we come to believe that the people we put our trust in will be reliable in the things they say they will do.  It seems simple, people should not promise things they cannot fulfill.  But more often than not life isn’t so easy, people choose to breach our when they evaluate their individual interests.

I always saw trust as something mutually beneficial to all parties involved and I have had problems with trusting people I shouldn’t.  One of my failures is mistrusting people and obviously from the tone of this post, I was let down today.  I keep on trusting people and people keep on letting me down, especially when the issue has to do with money.  It is easy for me to never trust anyone again but I don’t want to view the world in such a dark manner.  I’m going to take this as a lesson and resolve not to give my trust to people too quickly.

From now on, whenever practically possible, I’m going to live by the words of Arthur Ashe, “Trust has to be earned, and should come only after the passage of time.”